Designed by Berko 

approved by engineers

and built by experts

We are now specialising in home extensions and renovations.  Delivering contemporary modern designs, we can create that dream space for your home.  Designed by Berko, approved by engineers and built by experts, our modular home extensions are the way forward from traditional methods of building.

Innovative, efficient, and cost-effective, we can build our extensions offsite resulting in minimum disturbance to our clients and to your home. Using our modern methods of construction, we can build and deliver your extension six to eight weeks from date of order and our clients no longer have the hassle of builders in their home for months on end.


Ideally, we like to work within planning guidelines in order to cut out the hassle for our clients.  However, should your extension fall outside planning guidelines, then we have architects on board to help you with every step of the way through the planning process.


In Northern Ireland, building control is different to planning and must be applied for separately regardless of the build falling within planning guidelines.  We highly recommend that you apply through Building Control to ensure an acceptable standard of construction is achieved and it is essential should you intend to sell or rent out your property in the future.  Here at Berko, we go the extra mile to make sure that our builds are above building control standards and we will guide you and work closely with building control to ensure that all works are approved and signed off guaranteeing that there is no hassle for our clients in the future.


Building control is different in the Republic of Ireland for home extensions.  Although the extension does not need to be signed off at every step of the build as in Northern Ireland, ideally we recommend that it is signed off by either an architect or engineer to ensure standards are met.  Here at Berko, we have our own architects to do this or else we can work closely with your architect or engineer.

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